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Share YOUR photos with the yearbook staff

Community Upload (Click Here)
Help us tell the story of this year by sharing your photos with us!
CLICK the banner above to visit the community upload page for our school 
Enter the ACCESS CODE: HUSKY (all capital letters)
This year is a little different! We want to share all of the unique moments that have made this year so memorable. 
UPLOAD your photos from moments you would like to share with us. These can include extracurricular activities, distance learning, hobbies... be creative! We will periodically ask for submissions through the grade level Google Classroom pages (please request access for your student if they have not registered), Schoology, and email.
Note: all photos must be school appropriate and all students must be in dress code for their photos to be considered for the yearbook. 
INCLUDE first and last names of the people included in the photo and write a short caption describing what is happening in the image.
All photos must be submitted no later than March 1, 2021. (Please note that pages are submitted throughout the year and the sooner you submit them after the event, the better the chances we will use it.)