About Leadership

Leadership is an elective class consisting of 7th and 8th graders who are elected officers and students interested in planning school activities and promoting a positive and inclusive campus culture.  To enroll in the class, students must complete an application and an interview, and be approved.

      To apply to be a part of the Leadership / ASB Program, please do the following:


1. Attend an informational meeting at lunch on Thursday, February 27th or Friday, February 28th in room C204 at lunch.
2. Go to: http://bit.ly/HaleASBApply (or to LINKS) and read over the application information, fill out the form carefully, and submit. Complete this form as soon as possible so interviews can be set up. The form will be closed after April 10th.
3. Complete the Leadership Grade Check Form. Go to: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bnLheY-zMlHqlGl0pzu79TCX5h1EVxVTVOfnD37WxxA/edit?usp=sharing to access the form or get this form from the Leadership Advisor in room C203 or C204. Turn in completed forms to the Leadership Advisor in room C203 or C204 as soon as.possible.  
4. Obtain 3 teacher recommendations. Two teachers need to be current Math, English, Science, and or History teachers.  The third teacher can be of your choice. No teachers from last year. Please provide teachers a note with your name and request in writing. Follow up with teachers as they sometimes forget!
Task Oriented Interviews will take place after school on March 10 - 12 and on March 16 - 17 at lunch.  Be sure that you check the email you put on the application - that is how we will be in touch to set up interviews. If you do not receive an email to attend an interview, we are unable to pursue your application further. If you turn in your application at a later date, we will contact you for an interview.
Parents are asked not to assist students in this process as it is the student that must show responsibility.  
Any questions, please see Ms. Seligson in C204, or Ms. Ferrante in C203.
Below is a paper you can give to teachers to ask for recommendations. You need 3!