Principal's Message

Dear Hale Charter Academy Families and School Community:


My name is Henry Song, it is with great pride I serve as the principal of Hale Charter Academy. A brief background on myself, before becoming an educator, I worked as a product development engineer for over 10 years, before recognizing my calling in education. I have over 20 years of experience in education. I served as a middle school and high school teacher, a magnet school coordinator, and as an Assistant Principal. Hale Charter Academy has a long history of developing lifelong learners, prepared to be successful in the post graduate world, and productive citizens dedicated to the values of equity, responsibility, compassion and justice and I am honored to join the Hale Charter family.


As principal, I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you, to provide every student a school experience that prepares them to their full potential for college or career success. As a first generation immigrant, I recognize the importance of having a strong foundation and support system to achieve success. Without those people that supported me, and instilled in me the core values of honor, honesty and compassion, I would not be here today. In addition to these core values, I also hold near to my heart the values of Community, Family, Equity, Perseverance and Trust.


Having been raised in a disabled household, I have seen what rigid institutions can do to a family and I believe with absolute conviction that every human being has within them special gifts and talents and that everyone should be provided the opportunity to explore, find and develop those gifts and talents. As principal of Hale Charter Academy, my promise to you is: ALL our students will be provided those opportunities to find their gifts and talents while receiving the highest quality, standards based education, our teachers and faculty can provide.


It is a privilege to be principal of Hale Charter Academy and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with each and every one of you in providing an outstanding school experience and continued tradition of excellence for every student. Hale Charter Academy is a unique place and my pledge is to build enduring relationships with all school stakeholders, working together to ensure ALL our students have a safe and positive experience to fulfill their greatest potential!


Respectfully Yours,


Henry Song Principal