Athletics, College, Career, Extracurricular & Language (ACCEL) Academy (6th – 8th grade)   

This exciting academy’s mission is to nurture and encourage dreams, passions, and goals through a common core curriculum that is rigorous, culturally relevant, and blends with the current programs on our campus.  ACCEL creates a learning environment that provides students the experience of solving real world problems.
facilitators promote Career Readiness and 21
st Century Skills through extracurricular enrichment, and language classes. ACCEL students develop the knowledge and skills needed for transition to high school, college, career training programs, and the workforce.

ACCEL includes athletics for learning teamwork, sportsmanship, and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Students will develop greater college awareness and be prepared for future transitions into higher learning. This program will provide students with the tools to focus on the future, including developing a better understanding of their own personal goals related to high school, college, and careers.