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Husky Homework Help and Study Hall

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Husky Homework Help and Study Hall
Need a quiet place to do your homework? Do you require help with your assignments? We have the place for you!
The Library is open Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:10 PM to 4:10 PM for Husky Homework Help and Study Hall. There are usually three certificated teachers present: one for higher level math (math 8, Algebra, Geometry--but they can cover all levels of math), English (these teachers can help with Science and History, too), and Math (they can help with all levels of math, too). 
     Study Hall Protocols
  1. Students will sign in and out of the library. We do this for student safety.
  2. There is no eating in the library, please step outside to eat a snack. Water can be consumed in the library.
  3. Cell phones are not to be on or in use during Study Hall. If a student needs to make a call, please step outside.
  4. Study Hall is not the place to wait for friends, please go to Youth Services and wait for them there.
  5. Students must have something academic to do during Study Hall. Students may read a book but cannot remove books from the library's shelves as technically the library is closed.
  6. Students may work on a project together but quiet voices must be used. 
  7. No video games are allowed. 
Thank you for your understanding.
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