LAUSD Reading Challenge

Using Renaissance myON

January 16 – May 7, 2023

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Coming Soon!!!! 

October 31 thru November 4  


Shop before school/after school, Nutrition & Lunch 


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LAUSD is having a Reading Contest!

Participate from December 18, 2021 thru April 22, 2022.

Use Sora or MyOn in Schoology to read and your reading will be logged for the contest! 


The Book Fair  

was a huge success due to all of you! 

If you didn’t get the book you wanted, you can still order online through the 11/14 at: 


Thank you for your purchases!  

Pumpkin Decorating Contest Winners 2021

Nirvana Sarfar

Nani Donerson

Pavitra Kortikk

Emersyn Lopez

Maleah Guillen

Kaylee Baggett


Check out the great Pumpkins!

Thank you to all who participated!

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The Los Angeles Public Library offers many outstanding free services through its website:
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During Distance Learning, take advantage of some of these outstanding library resources...


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Scripps Spelling Bee 2021
If you are interested in participating in the 2021 School Spelling Bee, use the attched list to study AND  inform your English Teacher so Mrs. Rokos can coordinate all the participants! Spelling Bee will be held in February.
12/10/2020 Marks Human Rights Day. In the wake of World War II's atrocities, Eleanor Roosevelt saw the need to support refugees and affirm the right to education, shelter and medical care!

Check out this great link; watch the video with some of your fav's and click on the link at the end to get a free book! What a great way for LAUSD to encourage reading!

Interested in a career in the Music Industry?  Check this out...


Hello all, I'm excited to share that Interscope Records, in coordination with LAUSD, is hosting a series of webinar masterclasses on careers in the music industry.     


Each webinar features a panel of Interscope insiders from one department who discuss their role in the music industry, how they went about breaking into the music industry, and take questions from students. Additionally, a different signed recording artist at Interscope Records will sometimes pop into the session to talk about how their career is helped by the department presenting that day.   


The second session is this Friday, December 4th at 4pm PST.

This week's panel will have members of the Radio and Promotions Department at Interscope. Their job is to connect with radio stations around the country to get their artists on the play rotation and coordinate events to promote the artist/s and his, her, or their work.    


This is sure to be an amazing event that we hope will inspire you to look at a future career in the music or entertainment industry.  




The Zoom webinar can be reached at  

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Hale Library will hold our On-line Book Fair November 9 through 22


Check out the following link for information about our online book fair….


Welcome to the Hale Charter Academy Library

October is College Month! Wear your favorite College shirts on Thursdays! 
October is also Anti-Bullying Month! Do your part to BE KIND to others!! 
On line Book Fair is here!!! Click on the link below to browse and buy new books. All books are delivered directly to your home for no contact. Enjoy & help support our Library!