2020 - 2021 Yearbook Information

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This year is going to be
"One for the Books!!
Purchase your yearbook today for $60
Have your yearbook shipped to you for only $8
(Highly encouraged and can be added to an existing purchase.)
Online Sales End on June 11th

Almost 600 families have purchased Hale's 2021 yearbook, and many have opted to have the book shipped to their homes. You can still order a yearbook online at YearbookForever.com until June 14th. At that point, online orders will close. 


Additionally, for $8 you can have your book shipped to your home over the summer. To arrange delivery, complete the Google form, and bring a payment of $8 (cash only) to Hale before June 11th. 8th graders who participate in the drive-through culmination can make their $8 shipping payment at the event on June 14th. If you don't have the book shipped, it will be available for pick up when we return to school in August. 


The yearbook will be a one-of-a-kind memento of a year that has been "One For The Books"  – Don't miss it! 


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