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Principal's Mid-Year Message

December 14, 2018
Hale Charter Academy Parents, Teachers, and Students,
As we come to the close of the Fall semester, I want to thank everyone for making it a great success. I feel so lucky each day to work with all of you.
Reflecting on the highlights of the past 6 months, it is clear we have much to celebrate.
Join me in congratulating our teachers and students on their hard work in improving our Academic program. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary units and common assessments, we work within our department and grade level teams to improve our curriculum and prepare our students to be college and career ready. As part of this transition, we have increased the use of technology in our classrooms to provide students with a 21st century learning experience.
Our staff continues to work hard in keeping our school a safe place. Our teachers work daily to ensure that our students not only learn the curriculum but feel safe and secure in class. Our dedicated Student Service and Counseling staff support our students’ physical and emotional health.  Through our Second Step Curriculum, Common Sense Media, Restorative Justice and with the addition of WEB (Where Everyone Belongs), the organization for social media safety and the Sandy Hook Promise Organization, we maintain our focus on educating students in responsible behavior. 
Our classrooms have experienced a welcome upgrade of 700 new devices and 20 Promethean Boards. In addition to our Steam Lab, we have an Engineering Lab and are creating a Bio-Tech Lab. Our Agriculture program continues to thrive as 4 pigmy goats have joined our Hale family.
We would not be able to do half of the things we do without the support of our parents. This support from our PTSA and parent community provides our students with tutoring after school, field trips, award incentives, and provides our teachers with yearly grants to help supply their classrooms. Thank you for your generous donations and participation in our vitally important fundraisers!
Hale continues to excel in our co-curricular activities. Leadership brings our students fun and exciting experiences. Our incredibly talented music, choral, dance, drill, art and drama students displayed their star quality in outstanding holiday and shows. Our clubs offer our students a fun place to share their common interests. Our Intermural sports program encourages students to develop their sportsmanship and skills.   
Although we achieved so much already, we still have much more to look forward to next semester. Whether it is a dynamic learning experience, captivating performance, or the upcoming 8th grade culmination activities, we know Spring 2019 holds many incredible opportunities.
Thank you all for your hard work and support in making Hale Charter Academy an exceptional school. I wish you all a Happy Holiday and New Year.
Mr. Perdigao
Hale Charter Academy 2019/2020 Lottery info Image

Hale Charter Academy 2019/2020 Lottery info

IF YOU DO NOT RESIDE IN HALE CHARTER ACADEMY'S BOUNDARY, please complete this application to be considered for the Fall 2019 Charter Lottery drawing.
* All applications must be received by April 3rd, 2019 @ 3:00 PM
click this link:    http://bit.ly/2VzGXi1
*Selection into the VAPA Program will occur once your child is officially enrolled at HALE CHARTER ACADEMY.
*Selection into the STEAM  MAGNET Program is determined by the Magnet office.


The goats have arrived!!!

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