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School Experience Survey

Deadline: December 5th (Mail-in); December 7th (Online)
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Apples to Zuccinis Girls Scout Survey

Hello. We are Julia, Lucy & Clair and we’d like to ask you to take a few minutes to complete an anonymous survey for our Girl Scout Silver Award Project, the highest award a Cadette Girl Scout can earn. Our project is on the topic of Food Insecurity. Your food experience counts and we want to know about it.  Thank You!


The goats have arrived!!!

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Traffic safety reminder

Please read the following from local school police regarding school drop off and pick up safety!
Traffic safety reminder Featured Photo

Drop off and Pick up reminders...

Reminders to parents... 1. Please make sure you are dropping off your child curbside only, DO NOT drop off in the middle of the Hatteras or Califa streets. 2. When dropping off, please pull as far forward on Hatteras or Califa as possible. This allows other cars to pull behind you and will improve the flow of traffic. 3. If dropping off on the opposite side of Hatteras or Califa, please DO NOT allow your child to jaywalk. Due to the volume of cars, this is dangerous. 4. Reminder, the curb that is marked red and the driveways are for our buses, and neighbors property, please do not park in those locations. 5. The parking lot is for staff members only, please do not park there to drop off or pick up your child. 6. Please do not double park on Platt, Califa or Hatteras when picking up your student. 7. And please do not make U Turns in the middle of either of these three streets.
Drop off and Pick up reminders... Featured Photo