Hale Charter Council

To our Hale Parents and Guardians:
You are encouraged to make a difference in the governance of our school by participating in this year's Hale Charter Council.

Join Hale Charter Council Meetings

Meeting ID: 898 5484 9323
Passcode: 293854

The HCC typically meets the third Thursday of each month at 3:30 pm, but may be moved depending on the calendar. 

The school site governing body of Hale Charter Academy known as “Charter Council” serves as a representative democracy. The mandate of Charter Council, consisting of stakeholders of Hale, is to oversee the implementation of the guiding mission, vision, strategic plan and school-wide goals. In order to do so, Charter Council shall be empowered to operate as the principal school site decision-making body in regard to school-wide policies, programs and procedures within the authority of the Local District Superintendent and LAUSD Board of Education. The administration is empowered to enforce the day-to-day operational issues at the school site. The administration initiates, through the school-wide committees, and carries out the policies and procedures approved by the Charter Council. The governance structure is designed to foster participation by all stakeholders and to ensure the local school control and accountability.