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Connecting to WiFi

Connecting Your District Chromebook to WiFi

Open the Chromebook. Press the power button in the top right hand corner of the keyboard f the computer does not turn on automatically. (Please make sure it is charged.) Connect to your home's WiFi by selecting the name of your WiFi (SSID) from the list in the center of the screen. A "Join WiFi Network" screen will come up where you enter your WiFi's password and then click "Connect."
Type your student's email address and then enter your student's email password.
Connecting my personal device to WiFi
Here are some basic instructions for connecting your personal Macintosh or Windows device to your WiFi
I cannot connect to my home's WiFi

This is almost always an issue with your WiFi system and we are limited in how we can help. If you are missing your WiFi password, it is often printed on a label found on your router. If the password was changed and you do not have access to the current one, you may need to contact your Internet provider (Spectrum, Frontier or AT&T for instance) and ask them to reset your router to the default password. Again, this is not an issue that we have control over as it has to do with your home's equipment.