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Connecting to WiFi

Connecting Your Personal Chromebook to the School Wi-Fi
  • Make sure that you are not logged into your school or personal account. Pressing Ctrl-Shift-Q twice will log you out.
  • At the login screen, open the network setting in the lower right-hand corner of your Chromebook screen.
  • From the list of Wi-Fi available, choose LAUSD (DO NOT CHOOSE LAUSD-Guest).
  • In the settings window:
    • Change EAP method to PEAP
    • Under EAP Phase 2 Authentication, select MSCHAPv2
    • Change Server CA Certificate to Do Not Check
    • In the Identity field, enter your full email address
    • In the Password field, enter your email password
  • Click Connect
Connecting Your Personal Windows or MacOS Device to the School Wi-Fi
  • Open your network settings.
  • From the list of WiFi available, choose LAUSD (DO NOT CHOOSE LAUSD-Guest).
  • For Username, enter your full email address
  • For Password, enter your email password.
  • Click Connect
Connecting Your School Chromebook to Your Home Wi-Fi

When you take your school Chromebook home, you will need to connect to your home's Wi-Fi. In the lower right-hand corner, open the network setting. Choose the name of your home Wi-Fi (SSID) from the list in the center of the screen. A "Join Wi-Fi Network" screen will come up where you enter your Wi-Fi's password and then click "Connect."
I cannot connect to my home's Wi-Fi

This is almost always an issue with your Wi-Fi system and we are limited in how we can help. If you are missing your Wi-Fi password, it is often printed on a label found on your router. If the password was changed and you do not have access to the current one, you may need to contact your Internet provider (Spectrum, Frontier or AT&T for instance) and ask them to reset your router to the default password. Again, this is not an issue that we have control over as it has to do with your home's equipment.