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COVID Vaccinations

Tuesday, January 25
Tuesday, February 15
Noon to 7:00 pm both days
COVID Vaccinations
For students 12 years or older
Parents may accompany their child, or complete a Consent Form in the Daily Pass. 
If your child receives a COVID vaccination outside of an LAUSD facility, please upload it to Daily Pass. 
NEW: Beginning November 16, the district will offer COVID Vaccinations to students ages 5 to 11 at Columbus Middle School, Kennedy High School, and the Zelzah Clinic. Go to the Daily Pass to make an appointment. 

Outside Vaccinations

If your student has been vaccinated outside of a district facility, please upload the results to the Daily Pass. The External Vaccination Upload Guide provides step-by-step directions on how to upload an external vaccination record at https://DailyPass.lausd.net. All documents will be kept confidential as required by law.



Families of vaccinated students, or who submit verification of vaccination, or a medical exemption on Daily Pass will be eligible for weekly incentives. See below for details. 



To submit a medical exemption form, please sign onto dailypass.lausd.net. From the vaccinations tab, at the top menu, please select Exemption and answer the questions. You will be asked to upload the document signed by a doctor. Families can also access the medical exemption form here.


The COVID crisis has highlighted the critical importance of in-person instruction. Our goal is to maintain the continuity of student learning by having 100% of our students with us, in person, for the second semester. 



Vaccinations are also available at free clinics and student wellness centers. 
Uploading external COVID Vaccination Record