I am the counselor class for the culminating class of 2023. I wish to help all students develop the necessary skills to achieve success in school and to lead fulfilling lives. I follow the standards set forth by the American School Counselor Association helping all students maximize their own individual academic potential, further develop their personal and social interaction skills, and begin developing a career awareness. Ultimately, my goal for each and every student is to become a caring, compassionate, and intellectual young adult.
A bit about me...
I am a Southern California native, who has worked in LAUSD since 1994. I've been at Hale since the Fall Semester of 2008.  Having counseled and taught at both the high school and middle school level, I think I have the greatest job in the world. It is is both exciting and rewarding, for daily, I see young people stretching their imagination and dreaming of how they will change the world.
I earned my Bachelors degree in Anthropology from UCLA, and from CSU Dominguez Hills I earned my teaching credential, counseling credential and a Masters in Education.
I am an avid runner, cyclist, and backpacker and can be often found along the trails of the local mountains chasing my own shadow and looking for adventure.
Students, parents, and guardians please check the information on the "Counseling and Guidance" link on the Hale Home Page for counseling resources and interesting information.  Click on the "links" tab for a multitude of resources.
Check the Hale Counseling & Guidance Site's 'links' section for many counseling resources.

I've been the proud Hale counselor for students in the following classes:
  • Students who culminated in 2011 and graduated from high school in 2015
  • Students who culminated in 2014 and graduated from high school in 2018
  • Students who culminated in 2017 and will graduate from high school in 2021
  • Students who culminated in 2020 and will graduate from high school in 2024
  • Students who will culminate in 2023 and will graduate from high school in 2027

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Quote for July 30, 2015

"Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."

---The Motto of the Special Olympics


Quote for April 24, 2015

If one assumes a humble attitude, one's own good qualities will increase.  Whereas if one is proud, one will become jealous of others, one will become angry with others, and one will look down on others.  Due to that, there will be unhappiness in society.
---The Dalai Lama
{So lets start by looking up to others with a smile.}

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Have I not walked with an upward look at stars that very well might not have missed me when they shot and fell?  It was a risk I had to take and took.
--- Robert Frost

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Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.
---Dr. Benjamin Spock

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If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it yourself.
---Toni Morrison

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Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.
---T.S. Elliot

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If you treat people right they will treat you right...ninety percent of the time.

---Franklin D. roosevelt

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Carpe Diem...Seize the Day.  Make your lives extraordinary!

-John Keating (played by Robin Williams) in "Dead Poets Society"


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May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.  May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.  

---Edward Abbey