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Math Help and Support

Grade-level Math Skill Building and Development

To review skills and solidify those already learned, I encourage parents and students to check out

At there is a wealth of information. I've created a class where parents and students can sign-up and work through some of the math standards as well as test one’s self on the standards/checkpoints one should know entering the 7th grade. This is new to me but it may be helpful. Below is the link that I will be sending all parents/guardians of 7th graders through the Jupiter communication portal.
• Sign up at,  (or log in with their existing accounts)
• Visit
• There, in the "Add a coach" field, enter the class code WETBDM

CPM Information

There is some information regarding math support, including a links to the following:

CPM: Parent Support

CPM: Student Support

CPM: Homework Help

CPM: Parent Guide (a guide for each CPM Course Book)

CPM : Check Points (this is the newest link on our website)

 Now how to get to these links… 

Go to the Hale website.  Under the ‘Academics’ tab on the Hale website, click on ‘Departments’, then click on ‘Math’  (here is a direct link 


I added the link to the CPM Checkpoints under the Math tab on the Hale website.  These are the concepts, ideas and skills a student should know at each level . This is what it says on the CPM website "Key homework problems have been identified as “checkpoints” for determining if you are building skills at the expected level. When you find that you need help with these problems, worked examples and practice problems are available in the “Checkpoint Materials” at the back of your book. These materials can also be viewed below."