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"Imagine this" Agriculture stories

We have started writing our Imagine this stories in periods 3,4, and 5. It will include a title page, table of content, story, and autobiography. Today 10/1/18 is the last day to work on the title page in class. Tomorrow we will start the actual story, some have already. You must work on the story and all parts to the story here at school in class. Please make sure you have your notebook for class with paper and pencil and pen, this is reacquired for my class.

Tool Quiz

We will have our first quiz on Aug. 29th a Wednesday, study the names of the first 13 tools learned.
Cultivator, Corn Broom, Leaf rake, Bow rake, Round point shovel, Square point shovel, D-handle square point shovel, D-handle round point shovel, Hula hoe, Garden hoe, Push broom, Pitch fork, Trench shovel.  You will NOT be able to use notes on this quiz.

Course Content Ltr/ Syllabus

Your content letters are due by the 29th of August.  Please have them in on time to receive 25 points. If handed in late I will deduct a point per day late.


All content letters are due 8-22-16, and all notebooks are due 8-26-16

Horticulture and landscape tools

the tools we have covered so far are:  Hula hoe, garden hoe (gooseneck hoe), bow rake, lawn rake, cultivator, push broom, corn broom, standard roundpoint shovel, standard squarepoint shovel, d-handle roundpoint shovel, d-handle squarepoint shovel, trench shovel, and the pitch fork.

Class Materials

This is the third week of school and students still do not have all their materials.  Please bring a pencil or pen and lined paper to class as we we'll need them from now on.


Things we need for our class.

  1. seeds of any kind.
  2. Pottning soil-quality type: Kellogg, or Miracle grow, large bags
  3. 2gal. roses bush plants (for harvesting our own flowers for arrangements).
  4. Drafting supplies: tee squares, triangles, circle templates, drafting boards.
  5. Lined paper
  6. pencils, pens
  7. color pencils
  8. Leather gloves