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Special Education Department (Educational Services)

Educational Services is formerly known as Special Education. We are located in the across from the Main Office in the administration building. Please see Debbie Stover x7406 for any questions regarding your child(s) Educational Services.  Please see attached files for more information regarding the IEP process.

Students who are eligible to receive supports and services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) are provided with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). HCA provides a continuum of placement options for students with disabilities in accordance with federal and state law. 


All special education students are assigned a case carrier, a credentialed special education teacher, who monitors and assists each student's progress toward meeting IEP goals.  General Education and Special Education teachers work collaboratively to meet student needs and to ensure that IEPs are implemented. 

Resource Specialist Program (RSP):

The Resource Specialist Program supports students who receive instruction primarily in general education classes utilizing an inclusion model. A learning center would be a class outside of the general education setting, taught by a Special Education teacher in place of the students elective and would be offered in the student's IEP.



Special Day Program (SDP):

The Special Day Program provides instruction in core content areas by a credentialed Special Education teacher in a small class setting. A baseline Special Education aide also supports the room/teacher.



Students Receiving Instruction Through an Alternate Curriculum:

Students who are not on the diploma track and are working toward a Certificate of Completion, as indicated on their IEP, receive instruction through an alternate curriculum and through modifications to the general education curriculum that are individualized based on their specific needs and their IEP goal areas.


Related services are provided as indicated on the IEP - including Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical, Therapy, Counseling, itinerant teachers for vision and/or hearing impairments, etc.