How to Help

There are plenty of ways to help!
Donations can be dropped off at school or ordered online.
Web Links
Our farm is constantly growing and changing! We appreciate any and all support you are willing to give towards supplies and field trip costs.
There are always items being added to this list
according to what we need the most.
(This list is for items that are not eligible to purchase through Donor's Choose)
Support the Local Community
Go see Hector at Pets R Us (right by West Hills Pizza) and tell him you'd like to donate to the Hale farm. You can make a monetary donation or buy a specific item.
He will order whatever we need and is very knowledgable!
Let's shop SMALL and support local, family owned businesses (and our school)!
Pets R US 2000
Address7521 Fallbrook Ave, West Hills, CA 91307
Supply Ideas
-chicken scratch and crumble (large, heavy bags will be ordered and picked up by a Hale staff member)
-Mealworms (our chickens and ducks go crazy for them!)
-tropical fish food
-small food bowls
-dog leashes 
-grooming supplies
-desert tortoise goodies (ask Hector, he will know)
If you have connections in the community,
own a business or are just plain handy with a power tool,
we would love to hear from you! 
We have BIG plans for this space, so reach out now so we can start organizing a team and fundraising.
Please email Mr. Rios at
We are ALWAYS needing bags of frozen veggies. Our ducks and chickens go through 4 bags a day! We often go to the Dollar Tree and buy out their entire freezer of vegetables. Mixed veggies, corn, broccoli (for tortoises) and fruit are always welcome additions.
If you have a used, working deep freezer and would like a tax write off (yay!) then consider donating it to the farm so we can keep these animals in the life of luxury with fruit and veggies year round!