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Welcome to the Hale Charter Academy Math Department Homepage. We work hard to help all our students succeed in mathematics and to meet the Common Core State Standards. We are proud of our students' past successes as indicated by their performance on State and District tests, and we strive to maintain the strong academic achievement of our students here at Hale. Please find contained within course content descriptions and lists of classes and teachers with their email and website links.
We utilize the Illustrative Mathematics - Learn for Life program (  This is a program which emphasizes the learning of mathematics through problem solving, reasoning, and communication.  
If you walk into one of our math classes, unlike a class with the teacher directly instructing students, you will see students actively collaborating and working in study teams.  Through these teams, students work on challenging problems, investigate ideas that introduce new material, and build their own conceptual understanding and an awareness between different mathematical ideas. During this time, the teacher provides guidance and helps consolidate new topics of learning by closely monitoring and encouraging students to develop a deeper understanding of mathematics.
Schoology is the online platform LAUSD utilizes. For online textbooks, daily agendas, homework, and upcoming assignments please see your child's Schoology math class.   

As an extra support for math students and their parents please visit