Culmination Requirements


LAUSD has adopted a Middle School Culmination Activity and Certificate of Completion policy effective starting with the class of students culminating in 2018. This policy defines the criteria for issuing a Middle School Certificate of Completion and for students to participate in the Middle School Culmination Activity. It supports student achievement and guides students in preparing for matriculation from middle school to high school.
To participate in the culmination activity, eighth grade students must meet all LAUSD requirements and school-site criteria to earn a Certificate of Completion.
  • To earn a Certificate of Completion, students will be evaluated based on the marks and credits earned in the eighth grade. Students will earn 5 credits for passing each semester course with a ‘D’ or better. Grades from all subject areas will be used to determine credits earned in eighth grade.
  • Students must earn 50 credits to be eligible for the Certificate of Completion.

Participation in the eighth grade culmination activity also includes:
  • Having no more than a total of four (4) U's in Cooperation and/or Work Habits during the eighth grade year.
  • Having no more than 10 excused/unexcused absences during the school year.
    (or 60 total periods. Absences due to COVID will not be included)
  • Having no serious disciplinary events during the eighth grade year.
  • Having no suspensions during the eighth grade year.
  • Abiding by school and District policies with respect to student conduct and school property.
  • Having no school debts.
* If a student transfers into an LAUSD middle school or span school for the first time in the second semester of eighth grade, the principal or designee will evaluate student culmination eligibility based on the possible credits attempted and earned from the date of entry into the school.

Please download the Culmination Requirements pdf document below for a chart further explaining the culmination policy.