Welcome to Ms. V. Escalante's Webpage for 6th grade English, Ancient History, and 8th grade English, and U.S. History! I’m excited to be your teacher this year. During this year we will be covering many aspects of reading, writing, and reasoning. Students will be able to develop critical thinking and demonstrate their understanding of the material through project-based learning, tests, quizzes, group, and independent study. This class is taught using the general education Common Core curriculum using accommodations and supports in the special day program. All standards can be found on the California Content Standards and Common Core website.
Suggested materials and textbooks for this class are listed in the course syllabus posted on our Schoology course pages for each subject. 
This year, I will be the Parent Liaison and help with the English Learners Program, with the EL Coordinator. Feel free to email me with questions regarding the Parent Center or the ELD program. 
**Hale is using Schoology for online learning. This site will be used to access your child's grades and homework assignments and announcements or contact me through email. To access Schoology, students must activate their email. The Schoology website is lms.lausd.net Students will log in with their LAUSD MyMail email and password. 
The parent link for Schoology is https://passportapp.lausd.net/parentaccess/
I look forward to a successful, productive, and educational school year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 
Mrs. V. Escalante
6th Gr. and 8th Gr. SDC
Parent Liasion
Period 4 Conference
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