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Virtual Picture Day

What: Hale Virtual Picture Day

When: Some time before December 11, 2020

Where: Over Zoom in your Advisory Classes

Why: So every student has a photo in the yearbook

How: Through your support and technical wizardry


Hale Advisory Teachers,

Among the many challenges presented by distance learning is gathering photos of this unique year for the yearbook. Typically, picture day photos would occupy many pages of the yearbook. Since the district will not allow us to hold a live picture day, Ms. El-Awar and the yearbook staff have devised a creative plan for collecting individual images of our 2,000 Hale students. We are asking for your support to implement it.



The Basics are as Follows:

  • The first step will be for you to download and install the latest version of Zoom. Please do this as soon as possible using the link below. This will enable you to drag and drop student images to arrange them alphabetically in a Zoom meeting.
  • Schedule a “Picture Day” for your advisories. On that day, invite both your L and H classes to the same meeting. You’ll include all your advisory students in one, or two photos. Please schedule your Picture Day to take place by December 11.
  • Notify parents and students of Picture Day in advance so everyone will be present with cameras on, and “photo ready”- We have already done this so just remind students. 
  • OPTIONAL: As a class you may choose a theme for your photo (tropical, formal, etc.)



On Picture Day:

  1.  In Zoom, use Gallery View and Full Screen Mode (diagonal arrows in upper right corner) so that as many of your students are visible at once (You should be able to see up to 25 students on the first page. If you have more than 25 students, you’ll need to scroll to the second page to capture their image too).
  2. Confirm that all names are spelled correctly with first name first (Ex. John Smith) including yours
  3. Drag and drop your own video image to the top left corner
  4. Drag and drop the student images on your screen to rearrange them in alphabetical order by last name starting at the top left, just after yours. Attached are alphabetical rosters of all advisory students for your reference.
  5. Make sure your students are sitting in a well-lit environment where their faces clearly show.
  6. Scan the backgrounds of each video for anything inappropriate
  7. Ask all students to unmute their mics (to get rid of the red mic icon)
  8. Tell everyone to smile!! Yourself included!!
  9. Take a screen shot of your whole class during the Zoom meeting. These images will include you, and all of your students, with cameras on, arranged in alphabetical order. Take more than one to be safe. (See links to detailed screen shot instructions below.) As mentioned above, if you have more than 25 students, you’ll need to scroll to page two to take a second screen shot of those students.
  10. Upload the resulting image or images to the shared Google Folder provided. Please name the file(s) after the advisory teacher. (Ex. LBieber1, LBieber2) 



Shared Google Folder: 

If you need support or have questions about any aspect of this task, please email or call Mr. DeBonis - [email protected] – 818-313-7410.

Zoom Update Instructions for Teachers

Go to to download the latest version of Zoom.

Follow the steps on screen.


Screen Shot Instructions with Video Guides

For Windows:

The simplest method is to hold down the Windows button and press the PrtScn key to save the screen as a file which can be found in your Picture/Photos > Screenshots folder. 

You can also press the PrtScn key (Print Screen) on your keyboard. This method saves the screen image to your clipboard invisibly, and requires the image to be pasted from clipboard into another program such as Paint. The clipboard can only store one image at a time, so be sure to paste the first before you take a second. 


For Mac:

Hold down the Shift and Command keys and press the 3 key. This will save a screen shot on your desktop.


For Chromebooks:

Hold down the Control key (ctrl) and press the key just above the 6 on your keyboard. This captures your screen and saves it to your downloads folder.

This is the alphabetical roster of your Advisory students
Helpful Hints