The purpose of CJSF, or the California Junior Scholarship Federation, is to foster high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship on part of California students in middle school, and to promote appropriate activities among members.


Membership is based on scholarship and citizenship. A student establishes membership by earning academic points and completing community service hours each semester. Students are able to join the 2nd semester of 7th grade for a maximum of 3 semesters. Students who are members in good standing for 2 out of the 3 possible semesters will culminate with honors. *Students must apply for the CJSF Honor Society each semester.


Membership guidelines are set forth by the California Scholarship Federation. All students enrolled at Hale Charter Academy and meet the eligibility requirements are invited to join.  CJSF has no affiliation with any political or religious organization or any organization that denies membership on the basis of race, color, creed, or political belief.


APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS:  The deadline for FALL 2020 CJSF Applications = December 4, 2020.


Students apply each semester for membership in CJSF. Membership can begin the 2nd semester of 7th grade or in 8th grade. 3 semesters is the maximum. 

CJSF Honor Society application points are granted as follows:

    • A = 3 points
    • B = 1 point  *Accelerated and honors-level classes earn 1 additional point per "B" (except science - all are common core.)
    • C = 0 points

1.) Students must earn a total of 8 points in the following subjects as verified on an end of semester report card: English, History, Math, and Science.

2.) No points are earned for PE, or electives.

3.) A grade of "D"  "F" or "U" in any class eliminates a student from membership.

4.) Students must reapply for membership each semester.

5.) Students must be a CJSF Member in good standing to culminate with honors.


FALL 2020 (8th Grade only) Applications:

DUE TO DISTANCE LEARNING / COVID SAFETY ISSUES, COMMUNITY SERVICE WILL BE WAIVED FOR FALL 2020. Students are encouraged to complete community service on their own with safety precautions as "service" is a focus of CJSF.  Activities completed in Fall 2020 can be used for the 10 hours needed for Spring 2021. Applications still must be completed and grades verified. EXTENDED DEADLINE: December 4, 2020.


7th & 8th graders interested in applying for Spring 2021 semester should start working on service hours. 10 hours of community service will be required for Spring 2021. ***Activities that would be typically deemed "unacceptable activities" for service will be considered (within reason), as long as you go above and beyond to help others.

SERVICE VERIFICATION: Service Verification Form waived for Fall 2020
All Service Forms must be completed by the first week in December (Fall Semester) or May (Spring Semester). 
You must provide evidence for all of your services.
Evidence includes:
  • Your name
  • Date(s)
  • The service you provided (what did you do?)
  • Where you completed the service or for what organization or group
  • Hours completed
  • Supervisor's name, contact information
  • an image or short video to prove that the service was completed (can be a signed note by the supervisor)


Stay @ Home SERVICE ideas/suggestions: Be sure to collect and save evidence...
  • Help an elderly neighbor with chores, grocery delivery, dog walking, or write letters/emails of encouragement for those confined to retirement homes (they are lonely, and need to know they that someone is thinking of them).  
  • Prepare/Deliver Meals to friends/neighbors who are essential workers (nurses or doctors) or help them with chores/errands.  
  • TUTOR friends/Hale students/younger students (maybe seek the help of a teacher). There are many students who are missing their teacher/classroom environment...and this is a way you can really support your friends/classmates.  This could even work with younger siblings/family members.