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Mrs. Ferrante - C103

Hello, Parents and Students!  

First, let me say how much I  appreciate the opportunity to help Sixth Graders learn and love Math and Science, and help Eighth Graders express themselves through Movie Making!  2018-2019 is my first year back as a full-time teacher! My very first teaching job was in 2001 teaching English and Social Studies. After that first year, I switched to Math and Science, which filled my heart with Joy, since my Bachelor’s Degree is in  Physical Geography.

After many years of teaching, I took a hiatus to raise my daughter who is now an Eighth Grader and son who is a Fourth Grader.  Once my son started preschool, I was eager to get back to education. Initially, I began my return as an Education Technology Coordinator. I thoroughly enjoyed those positions, although my desire to get back into the classroom grew immensely.  I spent last year holding multiple long-term Middle School substitute teaching positions. Being back in the classroom, I knew it was time to return as a regular teacher.

I spent some of my substitute time at Hale Charter Academy, and I figured out that this was the place I needed to make as my home away from home. In truth, the educational excellence of Hale Charter Academy was one of the reasons we chose to raise our family in Woodland Hills.  The school’s reputation with parents and teachers in the community reflect many of the ideals I hold dear in education. Since my daughter started school at Hale two years ago, our love for the community, staff and students has been reinforced time and time again.

Students in C103 will be working on regular group work and projects. I hope to teach students to be deep, analytical thinkers and require them to persevere through the inquiry process. I am a strong believer in the Growth Mindset, and know that students can get smarter through hard work and good strategies. I will not allow my students to say that they, “can’t do something.” I remind them that they just, “can’t do something, yet!” All students in my classroom are special and talented in many ways, and when students have a growth mindset, they believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.


To get more information about the Growth Mindset, please consider watching Carol Dweck’s Ted Talk, “Ideas worth Spreading. “

C103 will be a vibrant and talkative classroom where students are debating how to appropriately answer questions  while backing up their answers with evidence from their learning. Though it will be talkative, anyone that comes in will see that students are not just talking, but instead they are learning from one another and enriching their understanding of content.

I can not wait to be one of your child’s main coaches in their learning!  Please feel free to call or email me at anytime for any reason. My preferred method of communication is through Schoology.  I will use Schoology to post regular class updates, grades, and all assignments. You are welcome to come and observe our class anytime! Please just let the main office know that you will be visiting.  

Thank you again for this opportunity, and I look forward to coaching your child!