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Certificate of Excellence

LAUSD Multilingual & Multicultural Education Department Certificate of Excellent is hereby awarded to Christopher M. Perdigao / Hale Charter Academy. 2017 - 2018 Reclassification Rate of 48%. MMED commends you and your staff's efforts in exceeding the reclassification annual target of 22%.
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2018-19 Waivers & LCAP

Attention Parents,

Every year we look at current school practices and the results of those practices to assess school progress. We have had many meetings throughout the year, at which our current and future improvement plan has been discussed and modified. (Local Control Accountability Plan, LCAP) Attached you will find a summary of this plan. If you would like to give input to or have questions about the plan, we will have two final meetings prior to the Charter Council vote. These meeting are scheduled for April 12th and April 17th, at 3:15 pm in the Principal's Conference Room.

In addition, we have in past years applied for two waivers for alternative configuration. This allows us to make some minor changes to LAUSD’s regular protocol. One waiver is to allow the school to have the same schedule every Tuesday. Students are dismissed from school at 1:29 pm. Staff works on Professional Development and collaboration until 2:59 pm. The other waiver’s purpose is to provide the school with more autonomy when hiring new employees. If you would like to express any concern over these two waivers, please contact Joy Ferrante, Parent HCC Representative at She will take your concerns to the Hale Charter Council. Our HCC parent representatives will be voting on April 19th at the HCC Meeting beginning at 3:10pm in room C104. All are welcome to attend.

Chris Perdigao, Principal
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