Hale Charter Lottery Results- February 9, 2024

Dear prospective Hale Parents,
Please see the following results for the Hale Charter Lottery that took place on February 9, 2024.
We have allotted 180 spots for 6th grade non Hale resident students for our 2024-25, 40 seats for 7th grade, and 20 seats for the 8th grade.  Any number, above the allotted seat total will be placed on a wait list.  From past experience, on time 6th grade applicants have been offered a seat at Hale at some point during the process not necessarily with 7th or 8th grade.  We will do our best to let you know sooner than later so that you can make proper plans for next school year.   Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions that you may have.  We look forward to the possibility of educating your child and welcoming them into the Hale community.
Hale Administration