Principal's Message

Dear Hale Charter Academy Parents,

It is a great pleasure to introduce myself to the Hale Charter Academy community. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as Principal of Hale and to join our dynamic and supportive school community. I am looking forward to meeting you and your children, and to getting acquainted with the staff.

As Principal of Hale, my goal is to continue to support, refine, and enhance the great work that is already being done by our students, teachers and parents. I commend Hale’s successful transition into Common Core State Standards, and for the support you clearly provide to your children that has resulted in Hale’s high API scores and designation as a California Distinguished School.   It is clear that student academic success is a primary focus of the Hale staff, students and parents. I look forward to continuing our work in these areas and in the general academic, social and emotional development of our students.

I would like to share some information about my background in the field of education.  I have been an educator with the Los Angeles Unified School District for 18 years. During my first 9 years, I taught a diverse group of students that represented all levels of academic ability in secondary Social Studies courses. I was promoted to Assistant Principal, a position I held for eight years:  seven years at Reseda High School and one year at Paul Revere Charter Middle School. Finally, I spent last year as the Principal of Paul Revere. Throughout my Administrative tenure, I have taken an active role in implementing current Instructional Initiatives, which involves organizing groups of teachers and staff to work collaboratively in professional development and curriculum design.

During this upcoming school year, it is my hope that all of us will continue to work together to provide our students with the 21st century skills necessary for them to succeed in high school and, eventually, in their post-secondary endeavors. As Principal, my door is always open. Please call or stop in at any time to provide input or to discuss any concerns, suggestions and ideas you may have. Thank you in advance for entrusting Hale Charter Academy with your child’s education and I look forward to greeting you during the school year.


Christopher Perdigao

Principal, Hale Charter Academy

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Class of 2016 Sweatshirts & T-shirts
See attached flyer for details.
Deadlines: On Campus - 11/20/15; Online - 11/23/15
Putting Money into the cafeteria account
Parents are encouraged to create a FREE account at: This is a quick and easy way to deposit money into your students cafeteria account. See flyer for more information.
Breakfast In the Classroom (BIC)
We begin BIC on November 5, 2015. Please read the attached Parent Letter, 10 Reasons to Try Breakfast in the Classroom, and FAQ's.
Traffic Safety
Parents, please follow all traffic laws which include but not limited to: obeying parking signs, driving within the speed limit, dropping students off at the curb (NOT in the middle of the street), using the crosswalk (NO jaywalking), etc..

We've observed too many violations of common knowledge laws that apply to morning drop-offs and afternoon pick-ups. Our #1 priority is to keep our children safe! Let's work together in getting our children to school safely and going home in one piece. Thank you!
Thanks A Billion
Spend a few minutes to say thank you and help Hale raise $25 for every "Thank You's" it receives. See attached flyer.
Dress Code Policy
Students found in violation of the dress code will be asked to put on their PE clothes for the day or have a parent bring change of clothes. Dress code violations will be recorded in the student's discipline file. Repeat violators will be subject to consequences which could lead to lunch detention or suspension. We would appreciate everyone's cooperation as we enforce the dress code policy. Most common dress code violations include girls wearing bare-midriffs, tank tops and SHORT shorts. Boys are most often found wearing tank tops and/or wearing their pants below the waistline showing their boxers.
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Parent Tour
Date: 12/2/2015, 8 AM
Location: Library
Assemblies: Fall Instrumental Concert (P.1-4)
Date: 12/3/2015
Location: MPR
Lunch Activity: Big/Little Buddy (Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt)
Date: 12/4/2015, 12:31 PM 1:01 PM
Location: Library Lawn
Art Gallery (Lundy; M-Bldg)
Date: 12/4/2015, 5 PM 6 PM
Location: M-Bldg Hallway
Fall Instrumental Concert
Date: 12/4/2015, 6 PM
Location: MPR

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