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Suggested Student Supply List


Please do your best to make sure your child has the following supplies for school every day:

  • One 2 or 2½ inch 3-ring view binder (plastic sleeve on cover). Consider buying the better quality binder. A few more dollars but they will last the whole year. Dividers for Math and Science.


  • Two composition writing books.


  • Good supply of loose leaf paper for Science. PLEASEconsider getting the reinforced paper that has a plastic strip along the edge to keep the paper from ripping and falling out. The extra expense will be worth it!Wide or college ruled depending on the writing habits of your child.


  • 3-hole punched Graph paper for the Math binder. You can also find  reinforced graph paper. ALL MATH IS DONE ON GRAPH PAPER!


  • A good supply of pens and pencils. The BICfour color pens are the best to use for class. Pencils can be graphite or mechanical


  • Colored pencils and non-permanent markers. No Sharpies or permanent markers. Those are for me!!


Ruler, plastic compass, protractor, scissors, glue sticks, and extra erasers are all good to have. And please, covers for all textbooks.