Hi from Ms. Nancy

Dear Parents and Students,
I've already posted our course syllabus on my main page but I wanted to tell you a little more about myself before we get started this year.  I have three daughters, 25, 23 and almost 18 and a wonderful dog, Bear!  Bear is eight years old and he is truly my baby boy!  My oldest daughter works and lives in Philadelphia, my middle daughter is about to begin a Ph.D program and my youngest is about to leave for college!   I've been teaching at Hale since February 2015 but I've been teaching all ages and levels for many years.  I'm very excited to begin the year with you and please know that if you have any concerns or questions my door is always open, except if I'm giving a lesson or helping a student.  My conference period is 5th period which falls just after 1:00 pm except on Tuesday's when it is just after 12:00.  Would you all be so kind as to send me an email with your most current cell phone numbers and email address's.  I would appreciate it very much!!
Looking forward to meeting you all!!  Ms. Nancy