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7th Grade- Chapter 8 JAPAN
Make sure to your supplies are ready for 2nd semester!!
1. Binder (Does not need to be a separate one for my class. Could be a 3 ring binder with a section tabbed for history)
2. Paper-3 ringed. NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS!
3. Pens- You will need blue or black pens or mechanical pencils for doing classwork, HW, tests. You will also need GRADING PENS such as red, purple or green. If using pens than use white out TAPE for corrections or buy erasable pens.
4. Highlighters-I would get one yellow, orange, pink, green, and blue*************
5. Book Cover
6. Post its and index cards
7. Colored pencils

See how history/government is modern books/movie.....
From Mockingjay book:
“If we win, who would be in charge of the government?” Gale asks.
“Everyone,” Plutarch tells him. “We’re going to form a republic where the people of each district and the Capitol can elect their own representatives to be their voice in a centralized government. Don’t look so suspicious; it’s worked before.”
“In books,” Haymitch mutters.