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Returning to Campus

Hale Parents and Guardians,
Students will begin returning to campus on Tuesday, April 27th. It will be a staggered start with this year’s 6th grade class returning on Tuesday, the 27th and Wednesday, the 28th. 7th and 8th grade students will be added on Thursday and Friday the 29th and 30th. I have included the staggered return schedule below for your review. We will vote on our bell schedule on Thursday, April 15th and post it here when it is ready. 
Monday (4/28)   Staff Planning and Preparation
Tuesday (4/27) Cohort H Grade 6 starts on campus
Wednesday (4/28) Cohort L Grade 6 starts on campus
Thursday (4/29) Cohort H Grade 6 continues + Cohort H, Grades 7 and 8 start on campus
Friday (4/30) Cohort L Grade 6 continues + Cohort H, Grades 7 and 8 start on campus
As we get closer to April 27th, we will share more details about:
1. Drop off and Pick up
2. Extended care
3. Transportation
4. Parental access to campus, and more
Know that our primary goal is to keep your child and our staff safe while on campus.
In case you missed it, you can view Mr. Perdigao's Coffee with The Principal presentation from Tuesday, April 13th. This will answer many of your questions about the reopening. 


See what steps we're taking to prepare for a safe return to campus on our Readiness Report Card



In order to help us plan for the reopening of schools, we need to know how your child will participate in instruction. A Program Selection Form may also be downloaded from the Return to Campus website. Please complete this form by Friday, March 19 for each child in your household. If we do not receive a response from you, we will plan to continue providing online-only instruction for your child. You will also have the option of changing how your child will participate in instruction every two weeks after schools reopen by contacting our school. If you have any questions, please contact the school at 818-313-7400. Thank you and take care.


A Return to Campus Family Guide is now available, with detailed information to help you decide whether your child will return to school for the remainder of the semester or continue with online instruction. Please download the family guide here or on any mobile or digital device, and read it carefully.


As we return to campus, we all need to follow these “Safe Steps to Safe Schools”: 


What’s the Daily Pass?

It’s a web tool used to schedule COVID-19 tests and get test results. It is also where you can answer the Daily Health Check questions required to eventually get back onto campus. 


Go to 

NOTE: Daily Pass requires that parents have a Parent Portal account linked to their child’s profile.  For Parent Portal instructions can be found here


For help scheduling a COVID-19 test or using the Daily Pass, please contact your school site or call the Los Angeles Unified Helpdesk at 213-443-1300. 

If we all take these Safe Steps to Safe Schools, together we help stop the spread of COVID-19 and get back to campus.


Beyond the Bell will be offering full-day supervised Child Care from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm for Hybrid families. Please complete the Google Form, and the PDF application. Send the application to Paul DeBonis at

Complete the application to request Child Care.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Safe Return to Campus – Coffee with The Principal Q & A

March 15, 2021 and updated April 13, 2021


When will hybrid model students return to campus?

Students will return the week of April 26th. 

Monday (4 26) – Teachers return to campus

Tuesday (4/27) – Cohort H, Grade 6 starts on campus
Wednesday (4/28) – Cohort L, Grade 6 starts on campus
Thursday (4/29) – Cohort H, Grade 6 continues + Cohort H, Grades 7 and 8 start on campus
Friday (4/30) – Cohort L, Grade 6 continues + Cohort L, Grades 7, and 8 start on campus


The H cohort will attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays, The L Cohort will attend on Wednesdays and Fridays. Mondays will alternate with H and L attending every other week.

*Alternate Monday Advisory Schedule: May 3 – H, May 10 – L, May 17 – H, May 24 – L, May 31 – Memorial Day (No Classes), June 7 – H


Will my student have the same teachers and classes they have now if they return to campus?
Whichever model you choose, in most cases students will have the same teachers and classes.


Can you describe the day of a student during in person and distance learning?

Students will stay with a cohort of around 14 students, in a single classroom. Each student will follow their own regular schedule of classes over Zoom. The teacher in the classroom will be teaching their own program of classes, separate from the students. Students will wear headphones, provided by the school, to minimize distractions. Students will keep the headphones and bring them every day they are on campus. In most cases students will have the same teachers they have now. Students will alternate either Tuesday/Thursday (Cohort H) or Wednesday/Friday (Cohort L) schedules. Each group will attend every other Monday. On days when students are at home, they will follow the same schedule over Zoom.


What do I need to do to prepare my student to return to campus?
Arrange for your child to have a baseline Covid test within a week before returning to campus. At the moment, the closest testing site to Hale is Woodland Hills Academy. Make an appointment at the Daily Pass website:

You may have your child tested at another facility, but the district will not accept a rapid antigen test.

Once we return to campus, the district plans to send mobile testing units to all schools. At that point, students will be tested each week, on campus. The test is a self-administered nasal swab.


Each day before coming to campus, take the safety test and create a Daily Pass at that same website. Students can use their phone to show their daily pass, but not in class.


Will hybrid students have access to their lockers?

To minimize congregation, and high touch areas, lockers will not be available for use.


How will students participate in PE, dance, or music classes?

For safety, these students will focus on academics rather than the physical aspects of the subjects.


How will lunch be handled?
Students will stay in their advisory cohorts during lunch. They will eat together, socially distanced in assigned areas of the campus. Students may bring their own lunch or take a school lunch which will be available to all students free of charge. 


What is the drop-off procedure?

The school will have three entrances available for drop-off and pickup. These will be the main entrance and service road on Califa, and the gate on Hatteras.


My child has never been on campus. Will someone be there to guide them?

Yes, adults will be on campus to guide students to classrooms, and around the campus.


What if I filled out a Program Selection Form, and changed my mind?

Please complete the form a second time and state your preference. 

Program Selection Form


What if I change my mind after the first day?

Parents are meant to make changes only at specific two-week points. It will be easier for us to work with parents who wish to leave the hybrid model. Contact your child's counselor and advisory teacher to let them know of your desire to change. Parents who wish to opt into the hybrid model, may need to wait for one of the two-week points in the schedule.


How was the decision made to reopen schools at this time, and this way?
Decisions regarding the return to school were made at the district level. As part of the LAUSD, we at Hale are doing our best to follow district guidelines, to provide the most productive, safest learning environment for all of our students.


Can students bring their own computers and headphones to school?

Students can bring their own laptop, or borrow a Chromebook from school. Cell phones will not be allowed in class. Get in the habit of charging your laptop overnight before school, and bring your charging cord with you to school. 

Every student will be provided with headphones, but students may also use their own headphones if they prefer. 


Will students need their laptops in class?

Yes, all classes, both hybrid and remote, will be taught over Zoom. Students will need a school Chromebook or their own laptop to participate. If you need a Chromebook, go to and enter access code lausd2020 to request one. The school will contact you with a date and time to pick up your device. 

If you have a Chromebook or hotspot you would like to return, please bring it to school Monday through Friday between 12:30 and 3:30.


What type of mask should students wear?

Los Angeles Unified does require all students, employees, and visitors while on
school property and on a school bus to wear a face covering and follow the district’s
protocol. This includes parents who are dropping off or picking up children. A face
covering or mask will be provided to any student or employee who does not have one. Face coverings should be  two or more layers of washable breathable fabric that completely covers both nose and mouth. It must fit snugly against face. NO gaiters, bandanas, valve masks, or masks meant for healthcare providers (N95).

You might want to pack an extra in case one becomes sweaty, dirty, or is lost. We will also have replacements available. 


What safety measures are being taken in the classrooms?

The district has installed filters in the school’s HVAC system that are the equivalent of N-95 masks, which filter out particles at the level of the virus. Students will be socially distanced and wearing masks in a small cohort. They will use the same seat, and same headphones every day. Other measures can be found on the district website.


How will the school handle a student who tests positive? How will the cohort be notified? Will they continue to come to school?

Students who have close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 case or are a part of a cohort that had contact with the individual will be quarantined in a designated area until picked up by a parent/guardian or emergency contact provided by parent.

All students in the quarantine area will be supervised by a staff member.

Social distancing of six feet or greater will be maintained by all in the quarantine area.

A separate bathroom will be designated for use by anyone in the quarantine area.

If an entire cohort must be quarantined, they may remain in their classroom as a group


If a student who has been physically on campus receives a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will be notified immediately.

Those in close contact with the student will be notified and will be encouraged to get a COVID-19 test and quarantine at home until the test results are received.

A student who tests positive for COVID-19 will isolate at home and be excluded from school for at least 10 days from the date of symptom onset or test date.


Will teachers and staff be mandated to take the vaccine?
At this time the vaccine is not mandated. 


Our sixth-grade advisory teacher teaches English and History. Will they take off the headphones to teach the class?

In situations like these, it will be at the teacher’s discretion whether or not to engage in live instruction, but we would expect they will want to take advantage of the opportunity. Remember, that there will be a group of students in the same class, accessing the class over Zoom from home.