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2020-21 Culmination Activities


To: The Parents of Hale’s Culminating Class of 2021

Hale is excited to celebrate our culminating class with two special events in June.


On June 10 join us for our 2021 Pre-recorded Culmination Video at 5:00 pm. We will activate the link on the day of the event.


On June 14 come to Hale for a Vehicle-Based, Drive-Through Culmination Celebration from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. More information is attached.


Like last year, the Culmination Video will be streamed over YouTube beginning at 5:00 pm and can be accessed any time after that. It will include a slide show of your students, guest speakers, music, and a few surprises.


The Drive-Through Celebration is a chance to decorate your car, dress up in a Hawaiian themed outfit, and collect your certificate, while enjoying music, bubbles, and swag bags.

At the same time, you can return your textbooks, library books, musical instruments, Chromebooks with chargers, and Wi-Fi hotspots.  

We look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of our 8th graders and marking this important occasion with everyone in the Hale family who helped make it possible.

For the Drive-Through
  • Open to all 8th graders (Hybrid and online, and all family that can fit into your decorated vehicle)
  • NO Covid-19 testing required
  • No health screening required
  • Will receive diplomas, awards and turn in all books and computers at same time
  • Beach themed celebration with DJ and music
We will not be permitted to provide a photographer, but instead are providing you with the Snaps @ Home feature on the Shutterfly app. Please see attached flyer as this will be the best solution for grad photos.
* This program, (Snaps@Home) event, or activity is not presented, endorsed, recommended, supervised, approved, or sponsored by the Los Angeles Unified School District. The District assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss or injury arising out of participation and is merely permitting this material to be disseminated at this facility because of the possible interest of students and/or faculty. Distribution Authorized: Roxsana Jaber-Ansari, June 5, 2021.