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See what your fellow students say about the AVID program:

When I was in 7th grade I got introduced to AVID and I heard it was hard and difficult but it helped you a lot. Overall, the whole year I’ve been in AVID I have learned a lot about everything. For example, for notes I learned good note taking skills. One of them would be Cornell notes. Also, since there’s not a lot of people in a class you get more help with your teachers. Like, more 1 on 1 help with all the AVID teachers. Finally you also have fun on Fun Friday because you get to play educating games.
-Edwin Aghilian
I joined the AVID program a little late in the eighth grade year, but it has helped just as much as my peers. In seventh grade I was not organized and did not want to ask for the help that I needed. In retrospect AVID has really helped me to improve my grades, listening skills, and work outside my comfort zone.
  -Dallas Hurst
The goal while being in AVID is to go to college. This helps you prepare for your high school life and college life. I personally used to be a C, D student. AVID has helped mold me into an A,B student. AVID has the greatest teachers. They would help you in your school work and whatever you would need. Go into AVID, it would really help.
  -Joshua Medina
In my year of AVID I have had a great experience of aiming for success in order to reach my goals, which were to get a high paying job and go to college. There were many obstacles that have come along my AVID journey, but you can make it through if you join this program. I think that anyone who wishes to succeed in life should join this wonderful program and have the best teacher in the world, Mrs.Singh.
  -Kylee Park
In 7th grade I was in Leadership and decided to sign up for AVID. I thought the only thing we were going to do was just learn how to study better. It came out not to be true, AVID helped me understand that studying is very important, but also how important it is to start preparing for college now.
  -Jocelyn Santos