Enrollment » Enroll At Hale for the 2020-21 School Year

Enroll At Hale for the 2020-21 School Year

All Incoming Sixth Grade Families Must Complete A Hale Enrollment Packet
We encourage everyone to complete all of your enrollment online - Go to STEP 1
If you prefer a paper enrollment, please come to the attendance office at Hale, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 until 3:00. 
During Orientation from August 6th through 13th, the attendance office will only be open between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM.  
Please bring a valid parent ID, student birth certificate or passport, and current utility bill (DWP or Gas) 
All visitors to the campus must first pass the District Health Screening in the Visitor Notice below
For your safety and convenience, we are moving to electronic enrollment for the coming school year.
–We encourage you to complete the necessary STEP 1 Student Enrollment Packet forms online, and email them to the person assigned to your school at Hale below. No printing is necessary. 
Chrome and Safari are preferred browsers for completing the forms. Do not use Firefox. 
–In addition to the forms, we require emailed scans or photos of the Verification Documents in STEP 2.
–If you can send us all of the necessary forms and documents by email (STEP 3), you can enroll at Hale without coming to campus. 
STEP 1: Download, and complete, the Student Enrollment Packet-
IMPORTANT: Use the Print to a PDF function rather than Save, to preserve the data you enter in the forms.
Complete ALL of the following required forms:
STEP 2:  Provide these Verification Documents with your enrollment packet (emailed scans or photos):
• Proof of Residence
Acceptable documents: utility service contract - Gas/DWP, rental lease agreement, official government mail, voter registration in parent's name, (must be current within the last month)
• Proof of Student’s Age
Acceptable documents: birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport, court order, health office/vital statistics record of birth certificate, dated Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) letter verifying birthdate and an explanation of how this was verified
• Identity Verification of Parent/Guardian/Educational Rights Holder/Caregiver (“parent”)
Acceptable documents: student’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate, plus an adult’s government-issued photo identification (driver’s license, department of motor vehicle identification card)
• Proof of Immunization
      • 6th Grade – 4 Polio, 5 DTaP, 3 Hep B, 2 MMR, 2 Varicella
      • 7th Grade – 1 Tdap, and All of The Above
      • 8th Grade – All of The Above
Transcripts or most recent grade reports. Copy of most recent Individual Educational Plan (IEP)* or Section 504 Plan
Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) 1399 Form, minute order, or court order
STEP 3: Email your Enrollment Packet and Verification Documents to the address corresponding to the school you will attend: 
VAPA Magnet - Deborah Stover at dstover@lausd.net
STEAM Magnet- Maria Kohlieber at mak3486@lausd.net
Hale Charter Lottery Permit- Michele Mckean at michele.mckean@lausd.net
Residential School- Maria Kohlieber at mak3486@lausd.net
2020-21 Information Packet
At the time of this posting, we will begin the year with distance learning, and do not have a definitive date for our return to school or a clear picture of the restrictions that may be in place when we do. The documents in our Information Packet below represent the best case scenario in which we are all back at school without restrictions. We will update them as our changing situation dictates.