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Zoom Meetings

Important Message If You Are Experiencing Problems With Zoom On Your Chromebook
If you have been experiencing stuttering, dropped Zoom sessions, there is an updat
Using Zoom
For both students and teachers:
Use this getting started guide for a good explanation of how to use Zoom to set up virtual meetings, 
Logging In To A Zoom Meeting
Creating Zoom Links
If students are getting the following error:
This meeting is for authorized attendees only
Click "Sign in to join" to sign into Zoom with an email
address authorized for joining this meeting
The solution is for the teacher to change the way they are setting up the Zoom link.
Zoom links must be created within Schoology using the external tool function.
Instructional Video
The workaround for students who receive this message is to check to see if the teacher has posted a Meeting ID and password in addition to the link that does not work. If so, go to
and sign in with your email address and password. Once you are in, join the meeting with the Meeting ID and password.
Combining Multiple Classes into One Zoom Session
Choose one course from your dual-rostered courses or one grade level course to create the “External Tool” Zoom link following the prescribed protocols in the video Creating Zoom Links

For the second dual-rostered course or grade level, follow the instructions beginning at the 3:04 minute mark in the video Creating Zoom Links
  • Select “Add Materials”
  • Select “Add File/Link/External Tool”
  • Select “Link”
  • Paste the Zoom Link (e.g.,
  • Inside the Title box write “Live Session Zoom Link” (Note: the title of this link should be the same title given to the External Tool link created in the first step)