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WEB (Where Everybody Belongs)

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Hale Charter Academy participates in the nationwide WEB Program, an organization whose sole purpose is to help sixth graders feel more comfortable as well as help them achieve success in their first year of middle school.

The purpose of the Sixth Grade WEB WELCOME is to help make the transition to

middle school a positive one. The WEB program is designed to both welcome and support sixth-graders by working with 8th-grade WEB Leaders as mentors during this special day and throughout the school year.

WEB Leaders are responsible older students who were hand-selected from a large pool of applicants and have met the qualifications of being role models and positive leaders on our campus. The Sixth Grade WEB WELCOME involves large and small group activities run by WEB Coordinators and WEB Leaders and are planned to address student needs and concerns about the start of middle school in an enjoyable manner.



8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Monday, August 1st, 2022 (last name A - L)

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022 (last name M - Z)

Location: Hale MPR (Next to the covered lunch area)


This is a student-only event.


Wear comfortable clothes and DON’T bring all your stuff... travel light! No phones please, if you must bring one, it is to be turned OFF and be out of sight! Please feel free to bring a small snack/water bottle if needed. (Drinking fountains are available.) Hale is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items.

Parents, please plan to drop off / pick up your child at the front of Hale Charter Academy or on the Hale Charter Academy campus at the covered lunch area at the beginning and conclusion of the Sixth Grade WEB WELCOME.

Information about Sixth Grade Orientation and required paperwork can be located on the Hale Charter Academy website: www.halecharteracademy.com At Sixth Grade Orientation students will go through the orientation process and pick up class schedules, books, lockers, P.E. clothes, school pictures, etc...

We look forward to seeing you at Sixth Grade WEB WELCOME! The WEB Coordinators

WEB is an 8th Grade mentor program to help 6th graders have a successful transition to middle school.