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Hale's History

Our school is named after an American astronomer, George Ellery Hale, by the first Principal elected, Mr. Jotty Falvo.


George Ellery Hale (1868 - 1938) was an American astronomer who specialized in the field of solar astronomy. He was born in Chicago, a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1890. Dr. Hale invented the spectroheliograph, used it to investigate solar flares and prominence, and discovered the magnetic fields of sunspots. Dr. Hale also had a great impact on American science by implementing scientific projects such as the Mt. Wilson, Mt. Palomar, and Yerkes Observatories and the planning of Cal Tech. From 1895 he was joint editor of the Astrophysical Journal. Besides technical monographs he wrote Depths of the Universe (1924), Beyond the Milky Way (1926), and Signals From the Stars (1932).

Dr. Hale and spectroheliograph photo courtesy: The University of Chicago